• Energy Clearing Kit
  • Energy Clearing Kit
  • Energy Clearing Kit

Spitfire Girl

Energy Clearing Kit

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Clear your space of mess & clutter, open all the windows & doors and use this energy clearing kit to cleanse and clear stagnant and negative energy from your self and space.


  • 1 bundled white sage smudge stick: white sage has been considered a cleansing, purifying, and sacred plant for hundreds of years. Direct the smoke into areas that are in need of clearing and protection. 
  • 1 Palo Santo sacred wood stick: from the magical Palo Santo tree native to South America. When burned, the smoke is believed to have both medicinal and therapeutic healing power. Uses include inspiring creativity, evoking protection, and bringing good fortune and love.
  • Light the sage & palo santo in a fire-proof vessel until it begins to smoke. If a true flame appears, gently blow it out. Fan the swirls of smoke around your body from head to toe with your hands. If cleansing a space, start in the eastern corner, and fan the smoke into each corner of your space to cleanse the room.
  • 1 quartz crystal: known as master healing crystals, quartz crystals are believed to be a source of power and energy. Keep the crystal nearby and it will improve the atmosphere of your room and send healing vibrations throughout. 
  • Dried rose flowers