LQD ROSE Antioxidant Rose Petal Mist

LQD ROSE Antioxidant Rose Petal Mist

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LQD ROSE Antioxidant Rose Petal Mist is made entirely in small batches, a craft that has taken thousands of years to perfect in a special region of Eastern Europe.

The quality of rose water starts with plant health, soil quality, climate, and distillation method. Solaris' Rosa Damascena rose petal water comes from a Kazanlak, Bulgaria that is the most refined rose oil and the gold standard in the rose industry. During the May harvest season when the rosebuds blossom the flowers are hand picked during between 5am-10am when the dew levels are just right. The petals are then collected and laid out for composition to slightly change before they’re steam distilled for the cells of the petals burst to release the bioactive plant compounds found in Solaris' LQD ROSE antioxidant spray.

Each bottle is dated and packed in packaging to protect the integrity of liquid from UV rays and airtight sealed to prevent decomposition of natural antioxidants. 


  • Ingredients: steam distilled rose petal water containing vitamins, nutritious compounds, and microscopic rose oil
  • Aroma: Opening note of faint sweet, floral, earthy, green, fresh rosaceous character
  • Color: light to dark pink color will vary depending on harvest/batch
  • Use:
    • Improves clarity
    • Contributes to beautiful radiant skin
    • Uplifts mood; the aroma is uplifting and can be used to combat anxiety and calm the mind
    • Hydrating and anti-inflammatory
    • Maintains pH
    • Stimulates regeneration process
    • Calming to acne and sunburns
    • Can be used as tone
    • Mild antiseptic
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