Quiz à la Rogue: Georgia Cherrie & Paris Mitchell Temple, Paris Georgia

The beauty product I can't live without is:

Georgia Cherrie: Syrene aqua light moisture gel. I apply each morning before my makeup and it gives me the dewiest glow.

Paris Mitchell Temple: Osmosis hydrating mask. It is so soothing & cooling on my skin - I often sleep with it on and find the next day I have a radiant glow. Plus, it speeds up cell renewal!

What was your childhood dream job?

GC: I always wanted to be a fashion designer, ever since I can remember I dreamt about having my own label.

PMT: I wanted to be a shoe designer around the age of seven. I remember when we had builders at our house and I would ask them to make wooden platforms for me - I would tape the wooden structure to my sneakers and try to wear them to school. Now that's determination!

My favorite thing to cook is:

GC: Kale salads. I'm obsessed!

PMT: Anything from Ottolenghi's cookbook Jerusalem.

Perfect Sunday afternoon activity?

GC: I'm such a homebody. Sunday's are my day to hang out around the house and prepare myself mentally for the week ahead.

PMT: Lazing around my house with my husband.

The best thing about my job is:

GC: Working with Paris of course! We have been best friends since I can remember.

PMT: Working with my best friend every day. Celebrating our successes together and being able to be honest with my emotions when the going gets tough. There can be so many frustrations in the work environment and there is nothing worse than trying to hide how you're feeling.

The last thing I bought was:

GC: A pair of Isabel Marant slides for the summer ahead in New Zealand.

PMT: A beautiful candle holder by Minimalux that showcases the beauty of minimal design. I purchased it from a local boutique here in Auckland - Simon James.

Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

GC: I was obsessed with the Backstreet Boys.

PMT: I hate to admit it, but my first crush could have been Peter Andre.

What is the first concert you went to?

GC: Ricky Martin - actually another high school crush of mine.

PMT: Again, I hate to admit it, Peter Andre!

Best vacation you have ever taken?

GC: IBIZA. I know it has this awful perception around it, but there is actually so much more to it. It's such a beautiful, diverse island with an incredible energy.

PMT: Henry proposed to me last autumn in an imperial garden in the hills of Kyoto, Japan. We were in Japan for my brother Dane's solo exhibition at the Mori Museum in Tokyo. It was such a special and memorable trip as a family.

One fashion trend I will never understand is:

GC: The racer sock sneakers. I just can't love them.

PMT: Rainbow socks!