Quiz à la Rogue: Susan Yoomin Im

The beauty product I can't live without is:

My face mask and some of the things I have in R&D. That is clearly a biased statement, so I will also go for Anastasia's brow pencils. They are the best on the market, although they wear quickly for the cost. I use the color taupe.

I get the most inspiration from:

My two sisters. I have a sister in economics research and another working in finance; both of them are as passionate about their respective fields as I am of mine. Our badinage about literally anything brightens up my life, and thanks to them I can talk about LIBOR rates and haircuts like I know what I'm talking about - They're great balancing acts for a creative like me. My family balances me out, reinforces my existence, and lifts me up.

The app I can't live without is:

Instagram (@susan.yoomin), Soundcloud, and the Bible app. I wake up to these three apps. On Instagram, I discover new art and inspiration there, catch up on how my international friends and family are doing, and I use it as an alternative platform for text. I'm also able to share parts of myself I'd be shy or uncomfortable sharing to my peers in real life. It's funny, how doing things behind a screen can encourage better peer-to-peer connection. You would think it would be the contrary.

What are your words to live by?

My words to live by are "to live." An action so simple, but so hard to do well. I know others' definitions of a life [well] lived are different from my own, but here's my own take: I hope to have people say my life was a positive reflection of my faith, how well I lifted up others, how well I took care of my family and friends, and of my passion for innovation and the arts. Those are what I live by.

What's at the top of your bucket list?

[By some miracle] Get the 1st edition of Tolkien's The Lord of The Rings at a price that won't set me back in debt for years in time for my younger sister's 25th birthday.

My worst habit is:

1) Feeling the need to justify the things I say, and 2) saying and thinking 5 things at once - and thinking it's normal.

Who would you love to meet and have dinner with?

I would love to meet physicist Richard Feynman, Diane Solway of W Magazine, and Maria Popova and have dinner. Popova is the author of Brainpickings, one of my favorite sites to read (short-form), and she inspires me in ways I newly discover myself every day. I'd like to meet her to tell her that. To thank her. And also to just talk about the books, figures, and lives we are inspired by!

Perfect Sunday afternoon activity?

Reading or learning something new at a cafe. Whenever I'm in town I go to Toby's Estate Coffee on 44 Charles St. to do just that - like clockwork. Then taking a long walk with a friend or a lover.

Who is your #1 style icon and why?

My #1 style icon is Grace Kelly. She exhibited a unique grace and elegance in how she lived her life and dressed, even before marrying into the royal family.

The best thing about my job is:

Having the flexibility(time and role-wise) to talk and exchange ideas with fellow entrepreneurs, visionaries, and creatives and support one another.