Rogue Makeovers with Man Repeller

Three members of Team Man Repeller stepped out of their aesthetic comfort zone and into clothes from Maison Rogue and the results are a full-on gift. Head on over to Man Repeller to read the full story, and check out some of our favorite images from the story below.



On going outside her comfort zone: "It felt really damn good, I have to say. I still felt very much like me. Maybe just with an extra side of guac? I learned that I can lean into the more feminine side of myself while still holding true to being comfortable."-Crystal Anderson, Operations Manager at Man Repeller





"Overall, this experience made me realize how much of an impact clothes can have on how I feel. Even though style is technically something I can take on and off, it's still an extension of my identity and that's a very powerful thing."-Louisiana Gelpi, Visual Assistant at Man Repeller





On going rogue: "I felt like a walking contradiction and would recommend it to anyone...I'm already browsing Maison Rogue for different ways and combinations to recreate this spectacle."-Edith Young, Photographer & Photo Editor at Man Repeller