Car Sex CBD Herbal Spliffs
Car Sex CBD Herbal Spliffs
Car Sex CBD Herbal Spliffs

Car Sex CBD Herbal Spliffs

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Pack of two pre-rolls of organically grown CBD-rich hemp flower mixed with Barbari's Car Sex herbal smoking blend to give you a smooth and playful lift off. Tantalize your senses and loosen up with lions tail, mullein, and hemp CBD. These musky pre-rolls are perfect for leaning into the spirited party vibes.   


  • Hemp, raspberry leaf, mullein, white sage, lions tail
  • Contains two .6g spliffs
  • ~30mg (5%) CBD and less than .3% THC per spliff
  • Hemp grown by High Desert Nectar Farms in Bend, Oregon
  • Smoking products may only be purchased by customers of legal age under federal, state, and local law. By browsing or purchasing any such accessory, you verify that you are of legal age.
  • Please note this item is final sale and cannot be returned


Herbs and botanicals have been smoked, steeped and smudged for hundreds of years. Like components of perfume or a bedtime tea, the properties in Barbari's organic blends fuse together for a full-bodied experience, creating a composition that can be restorative to internal systems, calm or awaken the mind.