Wick Trimmer
Wick Trimmer

Wick Trimmer

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This functional object will keep your wick neatly trimmed before each burn, aiding in the reduction of soot and smoke that may occur when a charred wick is left too long. The cutting process captures the excess wick for easy discarding. Pragmatic!

It is always recommended that wicks are trimmed to 1/4" length prior to lighting and now you easily can!


  • Matte black metal
  • Comes in a matte pink and black box
  • Boy Smells logo engraved on the arms
  • Approximately 7.25" at its lengthiest 

Boy Smells

Established in 2014 by David Kien and Matthew Herman, Boy Smells started as a scent experiment before turning into a home fragrance collection. Made in the USA, each scent is inspired by notes plucked from a personal catalog of memories, then re-expressed in a familiar but unexpected way.